An Introduction To Warren Barnett Furniture

Warren Barnett was born and raised in Wisconsin. He attended the University of Wisconsin and worked there for two decades as an architectural drafter before he decided to establish his own furniture shop in Milwaukee. From the very beginning, Warren knew that his focus would be on quality, but that it would not be easy to distinguish his furniture from that of the better known furniture stores in the area. That challenge, and the wide array of options that shoppers had for their furniture, proved too much for Warren to handle. His sales suffered for a time, but once he learned how to manage his time and market efficiently, he was able to turn his little business into what is today called Warren Barnett Furniture.

Warren Barnett Milwaukee furniture store

Like many of the leading designer furniture stores in the country, Warren’s first endeavor was to provide customers who were tired of the same designs with something new. That first year, he added two more departments. The discount department offered an assortment of discount wood flooring, metal bedroom furniture, and a gift card for special offers. The hangers and drawer department offered a full line of hangers, rods, and drawer slides. There was even a gift shop with all sorts of unique, hard-to-find items.

With the addition of discount hangers and a wider selection of hangers, Warren’s hangers department began to boom. Today, you can find just about anything you could imagine in the hangers section of this wonderful furniture store. There are flat pack items, which Warren developed himself, as well as traditional wooden hangers, metal hangers, wicker hangers, and all kinds of other options.

Warren has also invested a lot of money in the decorating department. He now has over fifty varieties of accent lamps, dining room tables, and sideboards, all created by him. He even offers hand-painted furniture. No matter how you choose to decorate your home, whether you want to try something new or something that has been tried and true, this store has everything you need.

Warren’s other major concern is furniture of the lower level. His low end furniture collection contains only affordable items, but it offers a lot of quality. The Amish furniture collection is particularly enticing. In this section, you can find an assortment of well-made chairs and tables, as well as desks and beds.

One of Warren’s goals has always been to offer great customer service. In this regard, he is very proud of his furniture repair section, which is staffed by two full-time repair people. This enables him to offer his customers more than simple answers to basic questions. This team provides a wealth of knowledge about specific models and makes suggestions for improvements that will result in a long-lasting, quality product.

This store’s appearance also contributes to its reputation. Warren has spent a considerable amount of time updating the look of the entire store. In addition to the great looking furniture, he has added several features that make the store a relaxing place to shop. The store’s spacious atmosphere, friendly employees, and convenient location are some of the contributing factors to its continued popularity.

All in all, Warren’s furniture stores have been successful. If you are interested in purchasing some of the best and most affordable furniture in the country, you will want to check out the Warren Barnes line. You will find all of your furniture selections here. Even better, you will probably find that the prices on these items are considerably less than what you will pay at another furniture store. While you are here, you might even want to check out the bathroom accessories and decorative touches that are featured in the Warren Barnes store as well. These are some of the best things that you will find.