Know About Boat Upholstery Fabrics Before Choosing One

Boat upholstery covers come in a wide variety of fabrics. Among them are traditional materials like twill, denim and leather. Some of the newer materials on the market include marine vinyl, synthetic and plastic fabrics.

boat upholstery

The choice of fabric depends upon several factors. For example, if the boat is mainly used by adults, then one would most likely go for comfortable yet durable materials like twill and leather. On the other hand, there are boats that have children and teenagers on board. With such boat upholstery, the seats will have to be tougher to deal with kids who fall often. Also, it should provide enough leg and arm room so that children can sit comfortably even if they lean over the rail.

Boat upholstery fabrics can be split into two major categories, namely, marine grade and vinyl. The grades range from HDI (high density fiber) to VV (very dense textile). Among the common materials in this category are carpet, vinyl, nylon and synthetic fabrics.

Vinyl boat upholstery is quite popular because of its strength and durability. However, it can only withstand very heavy objects or even weight when people are in the boat. This means that heavier items, like oversized chairs and tables, will not be able to move around in the seats. The fabric may also easily rip due to rough treatment. Therefore, it is best to choose marine grade vinyl fabric for outdoor seats. It is also easy to maintain.

A common problem with boat upholstery fabric vinyl is fading. The colors get darker over time and eventually become indistinguishable from each other. Seats that are exposed to salty water can also fade. But luckily, this problem is easily fixed. You need to vacuum the seats once a week, apply a thin coat of automotive paste wax to restore color and shine.

Seats have their own upholstery job. They are covered with cushions, usually made of waterproof materials like vinyl or leather. Cushions for boat seats come in different sizes and shapes. Some of them are designed specifically for short passenger seats, long ones for wide passengers and extra large cushions for tall passengers. It is best to buy cushions that match the color of the interior of the boat.

Aside from waterproof materials, cushions for boat upholstery should also be treated with care so as not to damage. Decorative pillows are the best choices for this purpose. These pillows are designed to give boat owners’ an easy way to decorate their seats by simply placing decorative pillows on top of the cushions. There are long-lasting decorative pillows in different designs and styles, which can go well with the original upholstery fabrics.

Mildew resistance is yet another factor to consider when buying boat upholstery. Choose a fabric that has at least a thirty percent moisture resistance. Some of the fabrics available in the market are already hypoallergenic and may not cause allergies or other health problems. The use of marine grade upholstery fabric is the safest and most effective method to ensure its long-lasting life. Find a supplier who offers a wide selection of colors and textures to choose from, a large variety of fabric types, and the best price.

Other features to look out for include heavy duty zippers, sturdy interiors, and easy care and maintenance. Vinyl boat upholstery fabrics are strong and can last for long periods of time without getting stretched or torn. They are made of a heavy grade of vinyl material, which makes it easier to clean the stains off and make it resistant from any liquid stains like spilled drinks. A good supplier always offers maintenance service and free repairs.

The heavy-duty material used in making boat upholstery has a smooth and shiny finish, while still being water-resistant. Using durable vinyl fabric that has an attractive natural sheen can also enhance the overall look of the furniture. The latest trend is to use polyester mesh backing in boat upholstery. This fabric is able to withstand any liquid stains, grits and even tears.

Boat upholstery fabrics are available in a variety of patterns and colors. If you are looking for something bright, you can choose from blue, red, orange, black, white and other bright colors. Some marine upholstery manufacturers offer personalized options by imprinting company logos or photos on the fabrics.