Mexico City Law Offices – Choosing a Law Firm

Mexico City is the second-largest city of Mexico, and thus houses one of the most important concentrations of international law firms. A visit to Mexico City is an event unlike any other. The blend of a modern, cosmopolitan culture, along with traditional, rural traditions makes Mexico City a wonderfully interesting place to be a part of.

Law Offices in Mexico City

The first step to begin exploring the legal needs of a client in mexico city, is to know where to find such offices. Mexico City is home to several prominent law firms, Click aqui . Consult your corporate headquarters for a list of local firms with which you can do business.

These include the prestigious International law firm of Skadden Arps, which is headquartered in Mexico City. They are widely recognized for their excellent services to international corporations. Other prominent companies that house or work out of Mexico City include BBVA Bancomer, as does advisory firms like BCG. With all these choices, it is not difficult to locate the law offices that meet your corporate business needs.

One of the better ways to locate the most appropriate law offices for your corporate business is to ask for referrals from existing clients. Referrals are particularly valuable, because corporate clients often need many lawyers at one time. Another effective way to locate many law offices is to contact the local chamber of commerce or business groups within town and ask for a referral. These organizations will have a long list of qualified attorneys available to serve corporate clients. Corporate clients often prefer working with locally based attorneys, so the information provided by the local chamber of commerce or business groups will prove to be extremely helpful.

Once you have received a referral or two, another invaluable piece of information to provide to potential clients is a complete picture of the type of experience you can expect. If you are an American business person wanting to establish a firm in Mexico City, you may want to focus on solo practitioners or small firms. Many law offices do not accept just anyone as clients, and those who do may not offer the type of personal touch that many Americans desire. Solo practitioners may also charge a lower rate, but they generally have less resources than their larger counterparts.

Once you have narrowed down your search to a few viable candidates, it is time to contact each of the principals. Contact each of the principals individually, asking for a quote on the type of legal services you anticipate. It is important to find out what the lawyer’s specialty is, as well as whether the law offices in mexico city are experienced in the specific area of the business you want to establish. For example, if you run a manufacturing company, you should make sure the law offices in mexico city are able to handle your case as competently as possible, especially if there are different attorneys handling your litigation. You should also inquire as to the success rate of each attorney you are considering.

Most law offices require potential clients to pay a visit to the office in order to meet with the lawyers. During the visit, you will be able to ask questions about the particular services each attorney offers, as well as about their success rate. Some law firms require potential clients to write a few pages of a detailed biography so that they may present a professional image of the lawyer. Many of these portraits are available online, and you may wish to include these when you contact the firms of your choice.

After you receive a few free consultations from a handful of potential law firms, you will then be able to make a better decision based on your initial research. In addition to your consultations, you should also consider what each has to offer, and the different plans of each. The type of law firm you select depends largely on your personal interests and goals, as well as your financial situation. If you have special needs, or you need to access a lot of information fast, you may need to select a law firm with a larger staff and more expertise.