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    Flyin' Cloud Records was formed by Doug and his late wife Kathy during 1986 to promote the burgeoning acoustic music scene in and around North Carolina. Doug's interest in music stems from his rich musical heritage. His great-uncles, Charlie Poole and Posey Rorer recorded with the North Carolina Ramblers in the 1920's and 30's.

Since our inception, Flyin' Cloud Records released over 40 albums of traditional old-time, bluegrass, singer-songwriter, and other Americana music. In addition to our own releases, Flyin' Cloud studio has recorded and engineered numerous projects for other record labels. Flyin' Cloud Records' releases are distributed worldwide through direct mail order from this website, and are available through other outlets, including The Record Depot, County Sales, and Clef'd Ear Productions.

All Flyin' Cloud Record releases are recorded in our studio. Chief engineer Doug Rorrer has been capturing tuneful moments in a broad variety of musical styles for over 15 years and has worked with dozens of notable artists. Combine this experience with 24 tracks of clean digital recording, a warm sounding 32-channel console, tube Mic preamps & compressors, Neumann & AKG microphones, and you have the ingredients for a great sound.

Flyin' Cloud Records has an impressive stable of musical personnel, including some of the finest studio musicians, writers, arrangers, and producers in the business. At Flyin' Cloud Records Studio, we have all the tools and toys, but we still use our acoustic ears.


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